Rep. Comer: Hunter Biden Gun Charges ‘Low-Hanging Fruit’

During a recent guest appearance, “Greg Kelly Reports”, Republican Representative James Comer characterized the expected indictment of Hunter Biden over alleged unlawful firearm possession as nothing more than a “minor transgression” when stacked against other purported wrongdoings.

On his Wednesday appearance, the prominent Kentucky representative, presently spearheading the House Oversight Committee, emphatically stated that the firearm-related allegation against Hunter Biden doesn’t even qualify as one of his most serious infractions.

“In terms of the long catalog of infractions he’s supposedly involved in, this one barely makes the list; perhaps occupying the last spot,” stressed Comer. He further emphasized that the issue doesn’t merit much attention or concern.

Comer revealed that they have yet to delve deeply into this matter, considering it insignificant when juxtaposed with other graver accusations like financial malpractices, evasion of tax, and purported engagements as an undeclared foreign representative, among other charges.

Comer urged DOJ special counsel David Weiss to seize this moment to restore his reputation by demonstrating his independence and not acting under the influence of Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Earlier this week, Comer reiterated these sentiments during his guest appearance on the WABC 770 AM radio program, “Cats & Cosby Show.” He cautioned against the recurrence of previous attempts to discreetly push certain agendas, emphasizing the necessity for vigilance to prevent such maneuvers in the future.

Speaking with hosts John Catsimatidis and Rita Cosby, Comer indicated that David Weiss still has a considerable journey ahead in establishing his credibility and demonstrating his commitment to justice.