Senator Tuberville’s Plans for Long-Term Holds

Senator Tommy Tuberville from Alabama maintains his unwavering commitment to obstructing military promotions as a means of opposing the Pentagon’s abortion policy. During an exclusive interview with Newsmax, Tuberville underscored his resolve to sustain these holds over an extended duration.

Addressing concerns about potential negative impacts on military readiness due to his holds, Tuberville pushed back and asserted that readiness remains intact. He stated, “I’ve talked to generals and admirals every day. There’s no problem with readiness. … This is my prerogative to be able to put a hold on anything.”

Tuberville went on to express his rationale, firmly stating, “I’ve not changed my mind. I’m doing this for the right reasons. I’m tired of Pinocchio [President] Joe [Biden] legislating from the White House. They’re not gonna do that on my watch. The people of Alabama have somebody up there that’s going to vote for them. And if we’re going to have some kind of different abortion policy in the military, it’s gonna take a vote on the Senate floor. And if we don’t do that, I’m gonna have these holds for a long, long time.”

The issue at hand revolves around the Pentagon’s provision of a 3-week administration absence, travel allowance, and transportation allowance for individuals seeking abortions.

Senator Tuberville raised concerns about changing a policy that seemed to have no complaints in the past. He stated, “They brought on these experts in basically telling us why they needed to do this. It was for readiness, and it was for recruiting, which is a crock of crap to be honest with you. I asked him if there was anybody who complained about it for the last 35 years. They said, no. I said, ‘Well, that’s funny. Why would you change something nobody’s complaining about?'”

Furthermore, Tuberville emphasized that 60% of the American population, across party lines, opposes the use of taxpayer money for abortions. He sees his stance as representing both Democrats and Republicans who share this view.

Regarding concerns about the impact on military readiness, Tuberville emphasized that woke policies within the military pose a more significant threat. He noted, “The problem I’m having now is we’re becoming more and more woke every day, and it started under Obama. It’s sad to see this happen. Let me tell you if we lose the military … we’re in huge trouble, and we’re headed in that direction because the problem we’re having right now with readiness is not coming from anything other than all these woke policies that they’re pushing.”

In conclusion, Tuberville emphasized the importance of maintaining a military focused on excellence and commitment to the country. He stated, “This is our military; it’s not an equal opportunity employer. We want the best of the best pilots, generals, admirals, people that believe in this country that will fight to the end for this country.”