Pence: Trump and I ‘Parted Amicably’

During a recent conversation with Newsmax on their program “Wake Up America”, ex-Vice President Mike Pence pondered over his past interactions with ex-President Donald Trump, underscoring that contrary to widespread opinion, their separation was amicable. He disclosed that, although he hasn’t communicated with Trump since the spring succeeding the notorious events of January 6, he foresees a potential meeting with him at upcoming GOP presidential debates.

Pence asserted his continuous prayers for Trump and his family, expressing pride over their joint administration’s accomplishments. He recollected that Trump acknowledged his commendable work on the day preceding their term end. However, the reappearance of Trump’s claims about Pence’s supposed power to reverse the election results led to a mutual decision to distance themselves from each other.

Pence, now eyeing the presidential seat, voiced the necessity for Trump, currently leading the GOP nominations, to participate in debates to address critical questions and delineate his future plans. Pence emphasized his campaign’s foundation on conservative values that have been a long-standing focus in his political career.

As the nation transitions past Labor Day, Pence shifts his focus towards the initial voting phases in Iowa and New Hampshire, attributing his presidential run to what he perceives as a decline in the nation’s stature under President Joe Biden’s reign. He criticized Biden’s policies, holding them responsible for weakening America domestically and internationally.

The former Vice President noted the apparent eagerness among the populace for a change in the Republican Party’s leadership, appreciating the supportive gestures he has received during his campaign trails. He believes that the current political climate is encouraging voters to not only consider the candidate but also the principles they represent.

Reminiscing about the commitments made during the 2016 campaign, Pence highlighted the conservative governance that ensued during his tenure as Vice President, touching upon the advancements in national security and economic growth. He voiced concerns over the current administration’s departure from previously upheld commitments to global leadership and fiscal responsibility.

Despite trailing in polls, Pence remains optimistic about his chances in the nominations, challenging the prevalent notion of a simple 2020 rematch. He attributed the burden faced by American households to Biden’s policies and expressed a firm determination to further acquaint the voters with his political ideology and past contributions as a conservative governor and a proponent of fiscal responsibility during his time in Congress.

Pence dismissed current poll standings, sharing with Newsmax that initial reports from his Iowa campaign indicate a steady second place behind Trump, showcasing his determination to carry forward his longstanding conservative values into the presidency if elected.