Trump Lashes Out at Biden Over ‘Horror’ in Mideast

Ex-President Donald Trump momentarily stepped away from his ongoing legal battles to critique President Joe Biden’s handling of escalating tensions in the Middle East and other global crises. Trump conveyed his dismay, saying that the current administration’s perceived incompetence and feebleness have led to “countless unnecessary deaths.”

In a post on Truth Social, Trump wrote: “While I address these politically motivated lawsuits, initiated by Biden and his left-leaning allies, it’s evident that these legal issues pale in comparison to the tragedies in Israel and the broader Middle East. Thousands have tragically lost their lives in a conflict that shouldn’t have begun, and if this continues, millions more might suffer. This is all a result of the misguided policies and actions of the Biden Administration.”

In recent weeks, over 1,400 individuals lost their lives in Israel due to acts attributed to Hamas. Concurrently, in Gaza, the death count nears 4,000 since Israel initiated retaliatory actions against Hamas, with anticipations of a ground intervention on the horizon.

Trump further stated, “The situation between Ukraine and Russia, which wouldn’t have commenced under my leadership, and other global crises could escalate into larger issues leading to more loss of lives.”

He added, “Inflation’s damaging impact wouldn’t have occurred under my watch. They can continue their legal pursuits against me while our nation faces these challenges. Regardless, we’ll persevere and aim to rebuild America stronger than before.”

Currently, Trump is contending with a $250 million fraud case led by New York Attorney General Letitia James. Just last week, James alleged that The Trump Organization neglected to submit vital evidence for the case. Consequently, she has proposed the appointment of an external auditor to assess electronic records from as far back as 2016.