Pence: ‘Right to Life More Important Than Politics’

Former Vice President Mike Pence emphasized his unyielding stance on the pro-life issue during a recent appearance on Newsmax this Thursday, asserting that “advocating for the right to life holds greater significance than mere political pursuits.”

Engaging in a conversation on “Rob Schmitt Tonight,” Pence reaffirmed his anti-abortion stance, noting that maintaining this position holds greater value than securing victory in an election. Furthermore, he disputed the idea, previously suggested by former president Trump, that their loss in the mid-term elections was a consequence of overturning Roe v. Wade. 

“I staunchly reject that notion,” Pence remarked to Schmitt. 

He continued to stress that advocating for the right to life surpasses the objectives of electoral victories. 

“I firmly believe that championing the cause of life surpasses political considerations,” Pence remarked. 

He went on to express his disagreement with many others who were sharing the stage during the debate, emphasizing that the right to life should not be relegated to a state-by-state consideration, but should be viewed as a moral obligation. 

“In my view, the right to life transcends state jurisdiction; it is fundamentally a moral issue. I am committed to being a steadfast advocate for the right to life from the presidential office,” he proclaimed. 

Pence further noted that standing for the right to life encapsulates the principles of compassion and empathy, not just for the unborn, but also extending support to newborns and women facing crises. 

“It’s noteworthy that the majority of European nations restrict abortion post the stage where a fetus can perceive pain, a sentiment echoed by seventy percent of the American populace,” he mentioned.

During the discussion, Pence focused on solidifying his reputation as the most “steadfast conservative” contender in the GOP primary, sidestepping Schmitt’s attempts to lure him into discussions surrounding former President Donald Trump and the rising populist wave. Despite avoiding direct commentary on Trump’s populist strategies, Pence encouraged the Republican party to steer clear of the “enticing allure” of such approaches.

Schmitt inquired if Pence was implying that the large faction of Americans who supported Trump and his populist ideologies were mistaken in their choices.

“I have no intention of declaring their choices erroneous,” Pence responded. “Our administration, under the banner of Trump-Pence, adhered to conservative governance principles. We revitalized our defense forces, fortified alliances, and countered adversaries effectively. Currently, the past president and other contenders seem to be considering abandoning the stance of solidarity and assistance towards Ukraine.”