Mayor Eric Adams Pleads for Cash Over Migrant Crisis

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently appealed to the city’s wealthiest individuals for support as New York City faces financial challenges exacerbated by the migrant crisis, according to the New York Post.

During a Police Athletic League luncheon held at the upscale Harvard Club on Friday afternoon, Adams addressed a room full of attendees, including notable figures like actor Tony Danza, billionaire and talk show host John Catsimatidis, and Mitchell Modell, former CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods. He emphasized the need for collective action in this critical time.

Adams underscored the influential role New York City plays in the nation, stating, “The way New York goes, America goes. I’m going to need you more than ever to support many of these organizations like PAL, Robin Hood Foundation, and others.” He urged the audience to use their influence to advocate for the city in Washington, D.C., highlighting New York City’s pivotal economic role in the country and its struggle to manage a crisis of national scale.

Describing the budget cuts as one of his most challenging experiences in public service, Adams revealed that the city is on track to spend upwards of $12 billion on migrant support, receiving limited federal help. He pointed out the difficulties faced by migrants in obtaining work permits, with only a small fraction being successful.

Highlighting the need for enabling migrants to work and support their families, Adams remarked, “There’s nothing more anti-American than not being able to get up in the a.m. or p.m. hour and go to a place where you can provide for your family.”

Despite some progress, with many migrants now independent of city assistance, Adams stressed the ongoing hurdles and the necessity for increased support. He noted that many migrants have either become self-sufficient, moved to improve their life circumstances, or have found other means of stability.