DeSantis Has Shocking News About Biden

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis critiqued President Joe Biden for considering a re-election bid, labeling it a “selfish” move. However, he also cautioned Republican constituents to be prepared for the possibility of the Democratic Party presenting a different candidate in the 2024 elections.

This discussion occurred as the Iowa Republican caucus is set to commence in under two months, specifically on January 15.

Governor DeSantis also pointed out a similar predicament within the Republican Party, referencing the potential candidacy of Donald Trump, the former president, for the 2024 election. Notably, President Biden celebrated his 81st birthday recently, while Donald Trump is 77 years old.

Governor DeSantis expressed his views bluntly regarding President Biden’s potential candidacy: “It’s evident that Biden shouldn’t seek another term. His decision appears extremely self-centered. The concern isn’t just his age, but also the noticeable decline in his capabilities compared to four years ago… It’s embarrassing to witness this every day.”

DeSantis further speculated that the Democrats might be strategizing beyond President Biden. He emphasized the strategic advantage Republicans could gain by nominating a comparatively younger candidate, underscoring the generational difference. Conversely, he warned that if Republicans choose an older candidate and Democrats opt for a younger one, it could tip the scales in favor of the Democrats in terms of voter appeal.

Moreover, Governor DeSantis advised the voters in Iowa to consider the possibility that the Democratic nominee in 2024 could be someone like Vice President Kamala Harris or California Governor Gavin Newsom. He reasoned that the Democrats are likely aware of the electorate’s concerns regarding age and may be inclined to choose a younger candidate.

Governor DeSantis concluded with a message to the Republican voters, suggesting that they should not automatically assume President Biden will be their opponent in the upcoming election.