Biden Fails to Protect This from China and Russia

Ric Grenell, former acting director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, expressed concerns about the Biden administration’s strategy towards China and Russia. Grenell spoke on Newsmax’s “Newsline,” emphasizing the importance of preventing a unified front between Beijing and Moscow against Western interests.

According to Grenell, the fundamental diplomatic strategy should focus on keeping China and Russia from collaborating against the West. He noted that while China and Russia do not share a natural alliance, their common goal seems to be countering Western influence. Grenell criticized the current administration for not effectively differentiating and separating the two nations in its foreign policy approach.

During the discussion, Grenell also highlighted several key issues he anticipates will arise in talks between President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping in San Francisco. These include topics like Taiwan, electric vehicles, fentanyl, and the trade imbalance with China, as well as China’s aggressive tactics.

On the topic of fentanyl, Grenell stressed the importance of a secure U.S. border, holding the Biden administration accountable for what he views as a failure to control drug trafficking effectively.

Additionally, Grenell touched upon a reported negotiation mediated by Qatar for the release of hostages by Hamas in exchange for a temporary humanitarian ceasefire, an offer Israel reportedly has not accepted. He expressed skepticism about the Biden administration’s use of its full diplomatic power in this situation and suggested that the U.S. Secretary of State should be more actively involved in ensuring the release of the hostages, particularly the Americans.