Russia Thwarts Drone Attacks on Moscow for Second Day

On Thursday, Russian defense mechanisms intercepted two drones targeting Moscow, marking the second consecutive day of such incidents, as per official statements. This aerial activity led to temporary disruptions in two of Moscow’s international airports, an act that Russia attributes to Ukraine’s intensified actions on their territory.

One drone was neutralized in the Kaluga area, southwest of Moscow, while another was taken down close to a major Moscow thoroughfare. This information was confirmed by both Moscow’s Mayor Sergey Sobyanin and the Russian Defense Ministry, who pointed fingers at Ukraine for the interference.

Despite these actions, there were no immediate reports of injuries or property damage.

Flight operations at Domodedovo airport, located to the city’s south, and Vnukovo airport, towards the southwest, were put on hold for durations exceeding two hours. Some incoming flights at Vnukovo were rerouted to alternate airports, as per reports from Russian media outlets.

The origin of these drones remains uncertain, and Ukrainian authorities did not offer any immediate remarks. Typically, Ukraine neither acknowledges nor refutes involvement in such episodes.

Launching drones at Moscow, considering the war’s duration of over 17 months, might seem militarily insignificant for Ukraine. However, such moves play a psychological role in reminding Russians of the ongoing conflict’s repercussions.

Further, Russia’s Defense Ministry claimed to have thwarted Ukrainian drone activities in Crimea, an area annexed by Russia. Two drones were reportedly shot down near Sevastopol, a port city, while nine others were electronically disrupted, causing them to plummet into the Black Sea.

On the previous day, Ukrainian digital platforms had shared images of a dense smoke column hovering above Sevastopol, the base for Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Addressing the situation, Sevastopol’s Governor, Mikhail Razvozhayev, clarified that the smoke was a result of a “naval training drill,” advising residents to remain calm.

These aerial episodes are occurring against the backdrop of Ukraine’s continued counteractions. Both Ukrainian and Western leaders anticipate these countermeasures to be a prolonged challenge, considering Russia’s strong foothold.

To bolster Ukraine’s efforts, the Pentagon is set to supply an additional $200 million worth of arms and ammunition, as disclosed by U.S. sources. Since the onset of the Russian invasion last year, Ukraine has already benefited from U.S. aid exceeding $43 billion.