Israel Drops Major Bombshell with Hamas

The Israeli War Cabinet has reached a consensus on the prerequisites for an agreement with Hamas, aiming to facilitate the liberation of hostages.

This development followed a recent meeting in Tel Aviv where the cabinet members convened with relatives of the hostages.

Earlier on Monday, CBS News disclosed that an imminent deal was on the horizon, which would see the liberation of 50 Israeli hostages. This arrangement would also involve an increased influx of humanitarian aid into Gaza, encompassing fuel supplies, coupled with a temporary cessation of hostilities.

Currently, Hamas is detaining approximately 240 Israelis, captured during the group’s offensive that commenced on October 7. This figure includes forty individuals who are minors, as stated by Israeli sources.

The United States and Qatar are playing a pivotal role in mediating the negotiations between Israel and Hamas, as reported by CBS News.

The proposed armistice would entail a four-day truce, with each day having a six-hour period of non-aggression, according to CBS News.

The Wall Street Journal, citing the Jewish News Syndicate, reported on Sunday that the exchange deal would not involve the release of any Hamas prisoners. Furthermore, Israel is conducting a thorough vetting of Palestinian prisoners to rule out any affiliations with Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with other members of the war cabinet, engaged in a three-hour-long discussion with 107 family members or representatives of the 240 hostages. The Times of Israel reported that the meeting was not without its complications, as numerous representatives initially had to wait outside in the cold for an hour due to space constraints in the auditorium. They were eventually accommodated inside for the meeting.