Biden Appears to Read Note Aloud During Address

During his recent Oval Office address, President Joe Biden seemed to unintentionally vocalize a cue from his teleprompter while discussing the conflicts in Ukraine and Israel, as per an analysis by the Washington Examiner.

During his significant evening speech, Biden emphasized the U.S.’s lack of interest in deploying troops to confront Russia. He stated, “We are clear in our stance – we don’t want – we aren’t looking to send American forces to battle in or against Russia.”

The Examiner highlighted a similarity between this instance and a past incident involving former President George H.W. Bush. Bush mistakenly voiced the prompt, “Message: I care,” which was intended as a cue rather than a public statement.

Biden had faced earlier scrutiny for apparently stating, “End of quote, repeat the line,” in another speech. However, a representative from the White House refuted claims of a blunder, asserting that Biden had actually expressed, “Let me repeat that line.”