Biden: Feinstein Was ‘True Trailblazer’

On Friday, President Joe Biden released a heartfelt message about the passing of Sen. Dianne Feinstein from California, who lived to the age of 90.

“Dianne Feinstein was an iconic figure in American politics. Truly a pioneer. Jill and I held her close as a dear friend,” commented Biden.

“In her time in San Francisco, she demonstrated immense resilience and bravery following a great tragedy, establishing herself as a formidable advocate for core American principles. Having shared the Senate floor with her for over 15 years, I personally witnessed the significant changes Dianne brought about.

“That’s why, during my tenure as chairman, I ensured she had a place on the Judiciary Committee — I recognized her intrinsic qualities and wanted her to be part of our collective effort. One of her most notable achievements was spearheading the campaign to prohibit assault weapons, showcasing her ability to transform deep convictions into tangible actions.

“Dianne has left a lasting impact on diverse areas ranging from national defense to environmental preservation to upholding civil rights. Her contributions to this nation have been monumental, and their influence will resonate for many future generations.

“Frequently the sole female presence in many discussions, Dianne emerged as an inspiration for countless Americans. She embraced this responsibility, guiding numerous professionals, a significant number of whom are integral members of my team today. She left an indelible mark on the rising generation of female leaders, always paving the way for them. Known for her tenacity, intellect, and dedication, Dianne also had a heart filled with kindness and loyalty. That warmth is what Jill and I will remember and cherish the most.

“As we grieve alongside her daughter Katherine, the Feinstein lineage, her Senate colleagues, and the Californian community, we find solace in the thought that Dianne is now in the company of her dear Richard once more. Our prayers are with Dianne Feinstein.”