Biden Criticized by Giuliani for Russian Slur

Rudy Giuliani, once the mayor of New York City, has recently accused President Joe Biden of being the “most deceptive president in history.” He conveyed this sentiment, discussing the lawsuit he lodged against Biden for labeling him a “Russian pawn” during the 2020 presidential debate against former President Donald Trump.

During the conversation, Giuliani stated, “The implications of that label have caused me significant financial losses, which I can estimate to be in the millions.”

Giuliani’s lawsuit, initiated in a New Hampshire court, holds Biden, his campaign, and several fundraising committees responsible. The complaint references Biden’s remarks from the Oct. 22, 2020 debate, in which he connected Giuliani with Russian sources, alleging Giuliani disseminated false Russian information.

The lawsuit asserts that Biden intentionally sought to tarnish Giuliani’s credibility, who at the time served as an attorney for Trump. Giuliani elaborated, “Biden essentially labeled me a traitor, suggesting I was acting under Russian influence.”

This, Giuliani claims, severely impacted his professional ventures, including his law practice, consulting, and even resulted in the cancellation of his podcast in certain venues. He added, “A significant portion of the public took Biden’s words to heart, and it affected my business relationships, especially with many corporate leaders.”

To successfully argue his case, given his public figure status, Giuliani must prove that Biden’s comments were fabricated. The remarks in question arose amidst discussions about the contents of a laptop reportedly linked to Biden’s son, Hunter, which some attributed to Russian disinformation.

This legal move from Giuliani comes on the heels of a separate lawsuit where Hunter Biden accused him and another attorney of severely violating his digital privacy tied to the said laptop.

Reflecting on the evidence against Biden’s claims, Giuliani cited a validation by the FBI of the hard drive in December 2019. He also mentioned a letter signed by 51 intelligence officials, which he termed as “dubious”, that pointed to the emails from the laptop resembling a “Russian disinformation tactic.”

Giuliani emphasized the gravity of the evidence in the lawsuit, mentioning, “Even though Biden wasn’t president then, I am entitled to his deposition on this matter. The existing evidence calls for a detailed deposition, and he needs to clarify several discrepancies. Any failure to do so will be unfavorable for him.”

Explaining the choice of New Hampshire for the lawsuit, Giuliani cited the state’s single publication rule, though he emphasized, “A victory in New Hampshire allows me to seek damages across various states, irrespective of their statute of limitations on defamation.”

Giuliani concluded, “This means I can pursue compensations in states like North Carolina, Florida, and even New York. This strategy might come as unexpected for them.”