Trump: The Witch Hunt Continues

Ex-President Donald Trump didn’t mince words in his critique of Fulton County, Georgia’s District Attorney Fani Willis, labeling her as “overzealous and corrupt.”

Voicing his discontent on Truth Social, Trump responded swiftly after Willis disclosed that a grand jury had indicted him alongside 18 others concerning their purported roles linked to the 2020 Georgia election results.

In his post, Trump expressed, “And so, the relentless pursuit persists! This evening saw 19 of us indicted, and yes, that includes the past U.S. President, yours truly, all due to an overreaching and seemingly tainted District Attorney who openly stated, ‘I will target Trump’ during her campaigns. Were today’s indictment papers, revealed way before the grand jury’s decision, and then abruptly removed, a telltale sign of foul play? To my eyes, this seems skewed! Why the wait of 2.5 years? Clearly, they chose this timing to coincide with my political endeavors. Another wild goose chase!”

The ex-president’s remarks alluded to a premature release of information on the Georgia court’s website, which erroneously indicated his indictment. The post was soon taken down, as ABC News highlighted.

ABC News went on to suggest that this premature posting might provide Trump with an angle, both legally and politically, to challenge Willis’ case and depict the legal system as biased.