Trump Slams Biden For This

During a recent Independence Day celebration, former President Donald Trump criticized Democratic actions to dismiss national heroes, persecute political opponents, dismantle the Constitution, and provide protection for what he called a “dishonest” President Joe Biden.

“I’ve been addressing him much differently than I used to, primarily out of respect for the office,” Trump said during a rally in Pickens, South Carolina, which was broadcast live on Newsmax. “However, after they wrongfully indicted me, I knew it was time to remove the gloves,” he added. “Now, we must call a spade a spade. He’s deceitful. This man is wreaking havoc on our country under the guise of ‘dishonest’ Joe Biden. Previously, I never labeled him this way. I appropriated this moniker from Hillary Clinton, who we now affectionately refer to as beautiful Hillary.

“At this point in time, ‘dishonest’ Joe is a far more fitting title.”

Trump focused his criticism on Biden’s alleged corruption scandals and the perceived manipulation of justice.

“They’re doing this for election tampering,” Trump stated. “He’s losing ground in the polls and needs to engage in this form of manipulation — their modern way of cheating. It’s a somewhat traditional tactic, but its implementation in this country is relatively new and extreme.”

After wishing the audience a “joyful Independence Day,” Trump highlighted the need for restoring independence.

“It’s an important day,” he stated. “Frankly, we need to reclaim our independence.”

In recent years, Trump has utilized his July Fourth speeches to condemn left-wing efforts to tarnish the history and former leaders of America.

“They aim to erase our icons,” Trump informed his audience. “We won’t allow them to erase our icons. Our children are being educated to loathe our heroes — including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.”

Trump swiftly redirected his focus to “dishonest” Biden.

“We’re going to remove dishonest Joe Biden from the White House,” Trump asserted. “We’ll restore our nation. We’ll reclaim our country. We’re going to make America great again. That’s our primary need.”

Trump criticized his initial “impeachment sham” as the starting point for Biden’s deployment of justice as a political weapon.

“The extremist Democrats impeached me,” Trump remarked. “But that was only the beginning because they indicted me a couple of years later for questioning the Biden bribery scheme. It just so happens that I was right.”

In his concluding remarks, Trump warned that Biden is trying to orchestrate an “election tampering” campaign to maintain power.

“These villains in our manipulated government are as corrupt as the president,” Trump stated. “So they only targeted me. It’s remarkable. It’s known as election interference, and it’s backfired, as my poll numbers have increased significantly from a few months ago. We were already leading by a significant margin, but now our lead is even more substantial. Several people are likely to withdraw from the race.”