WH Making Illegal Migration a Priority

The Biden administration seems to be focused on facilitating the entry of undocumented immigrants into the US, rather than reinforcing regulations at the borders, argued former acting Department of Homeland Security head, Chad Wolf, during an appearance on Newsmax on Sunday. Wolf criticized the administration’s legal actions against figures such as Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who has actively implemented measures to safeguard the US.

“In numerous communities nationwide, there’s an evident struggle to manage this situation, primarily because we have not previously experienced this influx of undocumented immigrants on such a scale,” Wolf commented on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.”

Despite Abbott’s concerted efforts to secure his state through various strategies, the current administration has launched legal battles against him, Wolf noted.

In the meantime, Democratic representatives including NYC Mayor Eric Adams, are exploring ways to grant undocumented immigrants the right to work legally in the country, Wolf continued.

“The proper procedure involves applying for asylum and presenting your case in front of an immigration judge before securing work authorizations. Regrettably, numerous undocumented immigrants do not plan to adhere to this process, yet DHS personnel are encouraging them to pursue these permits. This could potentially be classified as asylum and immigration fraud in the long run,” he highlighted.

Simultaneously, Sheriff Mark Lamb of Pinal County, Arizona, who joined Wolf on the show, emphasized that it shouldn’t be a shock that one of President Joe Biden’s campaign commitments was to “reshape America.”

Lamb remarked, “There seems to be no better method to reshape America than by fully unlocking the doors to mass migration. Here in Arizona, especially during the monsoon season, it feels as though not only have the gates been opened wide, but permanently affixed in that position, leading to a continuous influx of individuals.”

As Lamb prepares for his U.S. Senate campaign, he anticipates a record surge of immigrants in Arizona in the coming month.

“In my sector in Tucson, we recorded 40,000 detentions. However, our efforts to manage the situation are continually thwarted by governmental interventions. This goes back to Biden’s campaign pledge of transforming America through significant demographic shifts, and an increase in narcotics and unidentified individuals entering the country‚Ķ His office seems to be fulfilling what was initially promised,” Lamb added.

Wolf concluded by labeling the strategies adopted by the Biden administration as “alarmingly perilous.” He went on to say, “The approach towards border and immigration policies seems devoid of logical reasoning. The existing system appears to be damaged irreparably due to inconsistent policies that reversed numerous regulations instituted by the Trump administration. It seems the ultimate objective is to permit the massive entry of undocumented immigrants into the nation.”

Wolf suggested that a responsible administration would scrutinize the demographics of the incoming population, including individuals from countries outside of South America such as China. “During the Trump era, we had the capabilities to monitor this. It seems the current administration lacks the intent to manage the border situation effectively, a failure that has been glaringly evident over the past 28 months,” Wolf lamented.