Trump: ‘Rigging the Election’ by Indictments ‘Won’t Hold Up’

In the midst of fervent discussions revolving around the possible invocation of the 14th Amendment to prevent a former president from participating in an electoral race, Donald Trump, the former president, lashed out at Joe Biden, accusing him of overstepping his boundaries and orchestrating “election manipulation.”

“Unjustified accusations and legal actions against me, a total of 8, originate directly from the Biden team aiming to manipulate the elections,” Trump expressed on Truth Social. “This is their fresh strategy for tilting the election in their favor, but it will not sustain.

“The authoritarian and Marxist elements are tearing apart our once prosperous nation, but we will emerge victorious and REBUILD AMERICA ONCE MORE!” Trump continued vociferously.

Trump lambasted Biden for exploiting the judicial system against his principal political adversary, cautioning that the American political landscape is plummeting to unprecedented depths, compelling the Republican Party to retaliate equivalently.

“The deceptive Biden campaign has unleashed a torrent of accusations and legal battles against me, instigating the Republicans to contemplate our subsequent steps against Biden and his communist associates when the tables turn,” Trump remarked in a subsequent post on Truth Social.

“This initiates a whole new era of underhanded and unsophisticated tactics in political campaigning. It’s a sad state for America at the moment. Tread carefully!”

During a recent conversation on ABC News’ “This Week”, Senator Tim Kaine, a Democrat representing Virginia, insinuated that the federal government might leverage the 14th Amendment to exclude Trump from the 2024 ballot.

“I firmly believe the insurrection on that day was orchestrated with a specific objective at a critical juncture — to halt the tranquil succession of power as outlined in the Constitution,” Kaine asserted. “Hence, a compelling argument stands.”

In a dialogue on show X with Tucker Carlson, the former chief of Capitol Police, Steven Sund, who supervised the security at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, revealed that for a span of 71 minutes, the ex-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hesitated to green-light the deployment of the National Guard.

Trump lamented that the politicization of the legal system and the onslaught of political assaults have now permeated even the staunchest blue regions governed by nominal Republicans or “inefficient legal officials” who vowed to “target Trump.”

“Is there anyone scrutinizing the past of Fani Willis, who liberates killers to wander freely on Atlanta’s streets, yet diverts resources to TARGET TRUMP, despite my clear conscience?” Trump inquired in another post on Truth Social. “The Republican Governor Brian Kemp has relinquished control over the escalating criminal activities in Atlanta and its encompassing Fulton County. The current crime rate is unprecedented, transforming the streets into a perilous zone, yet he advocates for this unfit legal officer, leading the charts in per capita violence in the U.S.

“It’s a gloomy period for the revered state of Georgia!”