Trump Slammed Biden for Risky Israel Speech

Former President Donald Trump criticized President Joe Biden’s recent primetime address, describing it as “one of the most dangerous and deluded speeches ever from the Oval Office.” Trump made these remarks during his visit to Concord, New Hampshire, where he personally registered for the state’s presidential primary.

Trump’s criticism appeared to be directed at Biden’s announcement of a $60 billion urgent funding request for Ukraine, a move that has faced growing opposition from congressional Republicans. In contrast, Biden’s proposal included $14 billion for Israel and $10 billion for humanitarian aid in Gaza.

Trump stated, “Four days ago, crooked Joe Biden gave one of the most dangerous and deluded speeches ever delivered from the Oval Office. It was a disaster, not only in presentation, which wasn’t too good, but also in the words that were used.”

He went on to highlight the recent tragic events in Israel, where many innocent people, including children, were victims of a terrorist attack. Trump criticized Biden for linking support for Israel to funding for the proxy war in Ukraine, involving Russia and Ukraine. He suggested that such a situation would not have arisen during his presidency.

The incursion into Israel by Hamas terrorists on October 7 resulted in over 1,400 casualties, primarily civilians.

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