Biden Did This To Supply Iran’s Terrorist Attacks

Representative Harriet Hageman expressed profound concern over President Joe Biden’s decision to reintegrate Iran into the global oil market. She believes this move has potentially provided Iran with an additional “$80 billion,” which could be funneled toward extremist activities.

The Wyoming Republican warned that confronting the threats from groups like Iranian-Hezbollah-Hamas might result in an extended conflict. She reminisced about the Trump era, suggesting that his policies were effectively crippling Iran and countering its influence. In contrast, she feels Biden’s actions have only emboldened Iran and criticized his foreign policy decisions concerning the nation.

Furthermore, Hageman took issue with National Security Council spokesman John Kirby’s grading of Biden’s foreign policy, especially regarding Israel. Dismissing Kirby’s “A-plus” rating, she emphasized that many found his assessment laughable and questioned Biden’s cognitive abilities and his grasp on current events.

Raising concerns about the current administration, she questioned who exactly is at the helm of key decision-making processes. Hageman underscored her belief that Americans have the right to this information. She ended by stating her apprehensions about Kirby’s influential position and critiqued the administration’s credibility, suggesting it might be inadvertently financing both factions in certain conflicts.