Trump Advisers Confirm: Gaetz’ Efforts Rejected

Donald Trump’s advisers have expressed skepticism over the assertion by Florida’s GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz that the former president was in favor of the initiative to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from California.

In a surprising twist, McCarthy became the first speaker to be voted out after Gaetz initiated a “motion to vacate” vote. This saw a coalition of eight conservative Republicans teaming up with all 208 Democrats to vote McCarthy out.

Prior to this, Trump made a comment on Truth Social about the divisions within the GOP. 

“Why do Republicans constantly bicker amongst themselves rather than opposing the Radical Left Democrats who are undermining our nation?” Trump wrote.

Post-vote, Gaetz implied that he had received Trump’s endorsement. 

“I’m convinced from my discussions with the ex-president that my actions were correct,” Gaetz relayed to the media.

Yet, those close to Trump raised eyebrows.

“Refer to the president’s Truth Social post from earlier,” stated Trump’s adviser Chris LaCivita.

Another person close to Trump guided NBC News back to the same post.

“Unless Trump confirms it, it remains unverified,” said a Trump confidante after listening to Gaetz’s claims. However, the source noted, “Given what Matt has publicly claimed, the president inadvertently becomes a part of this, whether he approves or not.”

While in New York for the commencement of his civil fraud trial, Trump refrained from commenting on Gaetz’s efforts to unseat McCarthy.

The former president remains a leading contender for the GOP’s 2024 presidential nomination.

Back in January, as McCarthy aspired to secure the speakership for the 118th Congress, Trump endorsed him through phone calls and public statements.

Despite a prolonged 15-round showdown on the floor, McCarthy clinched the role of speaker.

There are reports by NBC News that Trump, during the recent governmental funding talks to prevent a shutdown, advised some conservatives they could act as they deemed fit.

Yet, a few conservative figures who were in touch with Trump about the funding issue hadn’t received any communications regarding the McCarthy vote.

As the hunt for a new speaker continues, Rep. Patrick McHenry from North Carolina will act as a provisional speaker.

Furthermore, McCarthy confirmed on Tuesday that he won’t seek the speakership again.