‘The Blind Side’ Family: Oher’s Lawsuit ‘Insulting’

In response to ex-NFL star Michael Oher’s recent legal assertion, Sean Tuohy has spoken out. Oher’s petition states that instead of formally adopting him, the Tuohy family persuaded him to grant them conservatorship. Furthermore, he alleges that the family financially benefited from his life’s portrayal in the movie “The Blind Side.”

“We’re heartbroken,” Tuohy expressed to the Daily Memphian. “It’s saddening to even think that we could profit from any of our kids. Our love for Michael remains unchanged, regardless of his age.”

The 2009 award-winning film was inspired by Oher’s life. Oher submitted a petition to dissolve the conservatorship, asserting that Leigh Anne and Sean Tuohy, brought to life on-screen by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw, never legally adopted him.

Based on documents submitted to the Shelby County Probate Court on August 14th and subsequently reported by People, Oher contends that in 2004, at the age of 18, he inadvertently authorized the couple to act as his conservators.

He believed he was signing adoption documents, or their equivalent. Only in 2023 did he realize they were not, as stated in the legal papers. Oher also alleges that each member of the Tuohy family received a direct payment of $250,000 from the movie and continued to earn a 2.5% share from its residuals.

Sean Tuohy countered those allegations, stating, “We never sought or received any money. My finances are public; my company’s selling price is available for anyone to see.” He further commented, “It’s distressing that anyone would think I’d capitalize on my child.”

Sean clarified that the decision for conservatorship was not tied to the film. It was a step to address NCAA’s concerns, especially as Oher was eyeing a spot in the University of Mississippi’s football team. As a former All-American point guard for the same university and a passionate supporter, Sean would be considered a “booster” under NCAA rules.

The NCAA had reservations about Oher living with the Tuohys. Sean explained that the solution was to make Michael a legal family member. Since adoption wasn’t an option for someone over 18, conservatorship was the alternative. Sean added that Oher’s biological mother was present in court to ensure everything was legitimate.

While the Tuohy family remained close to Oher post the movie’s release, Sean observed a growing distance over the last eighteen months.

Sean lamented the recent turn of events but emphasized his family’s intent was always in Oher’s best interest. When questioned about the conservatorship’s possible termination, he expressed that the family would prioritize whatever Oher desires.