Email Shows US Attorney Blocked Agents From Investigating Biden

The House Ways and Means Committee unveiled documents on Wednesday that suggest Assistant U.S. Attorney for Delaware, Lesley Wolf, prevented investigators from examining evidence connected to President Joe Biden in an investigation under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA).

Furthermore, the committee disclosed evidence pointing to Hunter Biden, the president’s son, leveraging his father’s position to grant access and influence internationally. A document indicated Hunter Biden using the term “brand” in reference to his father, Joe Biden, and denoting access to the president as “the keys” to the family’s primary asset.

IRS informants Joseph Ziegler and Gary Shapley provided these documents, supporting their claim before Congress that the Department of Justice had hampered a prolonged inquiry into Hunter Biden’s purported tax evasion activities.

Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., head of the Ways and Means Committee, commented in a press statement: “The materials we’ve seen today draw a stronger link between Joe Biden’s official capacity and Hunter Biden’s global outreach which reportedly brought in over $20 million to the Biden family. Apart from attending events and phone calls with Hunter’s business contacts, the current data suggests that the vice-presidential office played a crucial role in the Biden family’s business undertakings. It’s evident that what Hunter Biden offered was access to the Biden name, which was the most prized possession of his family, contrary to previous official statements.”

These latest developments are disclosed just before the initial House impeachment inquiry hearing regarding the president.

Among the released documents was an August 2020 email from Wolf, directing investigators to exclude any mention of “Political Figure 1” in a search warrant. Documents shared later identified Joe Biden as “Political Figure 1.”

Wolf’s email read: “Priority-wise, attachment B needs revising. I’m uncertain of its origin, but apart from the ending details, much of it isn’t relevant or within this warrant’s purview. The focus should solely be on FARA evidence. ‘Political Figure 1’ shouldn’t be mentioned.”

An additional report from May 2021 by investigators revealed they were barred from exploring potential campaign finance improprieties tied to a high-profile Hollywood attorney, Kevin Morris. Morris was reportedly engaged to assist the Biden family and made significant financial contributions to support Hunter Biden during the time his father assumed the presidency.

The investigator’s report mentioned, “Possible campaign finance breaches have come up. In a previous meeting, AUSA Wolf expressed her desire for the agents not to delve into this. She emphasized the 2014 tax year, the lack of concrete evidence, and her reluctance to bring in the Public Integrity unit fearing they’d overshadow her. We don’t concur with her stance. Our appointed AUSA seems to dislike opposing views.”