House Oversight to Subpoena President, Hunter Biden

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee is gearing up to issue subpoenas to President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden, following accusations that they exploited their positions during overseas transactions, resulting in multi-million dollar gains.

On Wednesday, Committee Chair James Comer, R-Ky., presented an additional set of banking documents. This has escalated the reported sum of payments from nations like Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan to over $20 million during Biden’s tenure as Vice President under the Obama administration.

Comer took to Twitter on Thursday, stating, “It’s evident that Joe Biden was aware of his son’s overseas ventures, misled the nation, and permitted his own reputation to be commercialized to boost the Biden family’s wealth during his vice presidency.”

He furthered this sentiment by declaring, “This epitomizes governmental misconduct at the apex of federal power.”

In an interview with Fox Business, Comer shared, “Ultimately, the Bidens will have to appear before the committee. We intend to issue a subpoena for the entire family.” He also anticipated legal pushback, stating, “Considering the resistance we’ve faced from the Biden lawyers, it’s evident that any subpoena will be contested in court.”

The legal representatives of the President maintain that the recent claims don’t draw a direct line between Joe Biden and his son’s alleged overseas dealings.

Comer, in a Newsmax interview, urged the President’s team to be more forthcoming. “If the president’s actions were above board, they should let us scrutinize their personal financial records,” Comer remarked on “Rob Schmitt Tonight.” He continued, “If they have nothing to conceal, they should offer us full transparency regarding their finances, and stop trying to hinder our efforts by intimidating potential witnesses and blocking further access to banking details.”

In a recent press encounter, President Joe Biden responded tersely when questioned about the congressional statements made by Devon Archer, Hunter Biden’s former business collaborator. “I’ve never discussed business matters with anyone,” Biden retorted, dismissing the query as “baseless.”

Previously, Archer had informed congressional researchers that Joe Biden, during his vice presidency, participated in calls that involved his son and international business representatives. He alleged that Biden’s involvement and recognition acted as a major attraction for foreign enterprises looking to send “messages” to the top tiers of the Obama administration.