Rep. Fitzgerald: This Biden Evidence May Lead to Impeach

Mounting indications from the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into President Joe Biden’s financial dealings suggest a momentum towards impeachment, as stated by Representative Scott Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald, a Republican from Wisconsin, asserted on “Wake Up America” that the situation appears to be a “verified money laundering operation,” indicated by the bank records. He believes these findings emphasize the possibility of impeachment actions being on the horizon.

In a conversation with James Comer, the chair of the Oversight Committee, Fitzgerald shared that the hiatus in the search for a new House speaker yielded unexpected benefits, with legal teams delving deep into financial records and making significant connections.

“It’s straightforward,” said Fitzgerald, dismissing any complexity in the case. He noted the growing concern among fellow Republicans about ignoring these issues when the public is piecing together the implications.

Fitzgerald echoed the sentiments following Comer’s previous assurance on Newsmax, where Comer expressed “100% confidence” in evidence suggesting President Biden received $40,000 from a Chinese enterprise in the latter part of 2017.

Comer pointed to a financial trail leading to James Biden and his wife, Sara, linking the money to a $150,000 wire transfer to Lion Hall Group, a business connected to the Biden couple. Following this, Sara Biden is said to have withdrawn $50,000, redirecting it to a joint account before a $40,000 cheque was penned to Joe Biden as a “loan repayment.”

Fitzgerald expressed astonishment at Sara Biden’s substantial cash withdrawal, likening it to scenes from criminal movies, and conveyed skepticism about such actions.

Simultaneously, Fitzgerald dispelled suggestions of intentional delays by the Oversight and Justice committees in prosecuting the case or summoning the Biden family, emphasizing the goal of constructing a solid case. He underlined the intent to present a unified and incontrovertible stance that even the U.S. Senate would struggle to dismiss as mere partisanship.