Napolitano: House GOP Needs More Evidence Against Biden

Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano that if House Republicans wish to consider impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden over alleged misuse of office, they’ll need stronger evidence.

Napolitano emphasized that impeachment is rooted in politics, not law. For a successful move, public support is crucial, requiring compelling evidence.

Drawing a comparison to the case of Democratic New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez, who has denied federal bribery charges, Napolitano mentioned, “The goal isn’t to prove deep-seated corruption. It’s enough to demonstrate that during Biden’s vice-presidency, there were instances of office misuse that hint at bribery.”

However, Napolitano believes that to gain media and subsequently public interest, Republicans need more substantial evidence than what’s currently available. “An unsuccessful impeachment vote will only serve to stain Biden’s reputation without leading to a trial,” he commented.

Lidia Curanaj, the show’s host, noted the similarities in discussions across major media channels concerning the Biden investigation. In response, Napolitano speculated that these narratives could be stemming from the White House, adding that the administration seems wary due to the president’s limited defense capabilities. “I wouldn’t anticipate President Biden addressing this matter in a full-scale press conference,” he said.

Napolitano also hypothesized that key Democrats might eventually advise Biden against seeking reelection, thinking it might be detrimental to the party. If that happens, Biden could likely complete his term, but it could lead to internal competition among Democrats.

Highlighting potential contenders, Napolitano mentioned prominent figures like Hillary Clinton, Kamala Harris, Phil Murphy, and Gavin Newsom. He envisaged intense rivalry among them, stating, “They’ll be competing for a chance to defend a challenging presidency.”