Biden Harms the US

Representative Bob Good, hailing from Virginia and serving as a member of the Republican Party, expressed pointed criticisms towards President Joe Biden in a recent dialogue with Newsmax. Good’s comments came during an in-depth conversation on “Newsline,” where he pulled no punches in assessing the president’s approach to immigration policies. He went as far as to assert that President Biden’s decisions have been unprecedentedly and intentionally harmful to the country’s well-being, more so than any previous leader in the nation’s history.

Expanding on his views, Good took a firm stance against what he describes as a systemic “border invasion,” a situation he believes is being actively facilitated by the current administration. The language used by Good was unmistakable and charged, painting a picture of a deliberate undermining of the country’s immigration protocols. He alleges that there is an influx of “hundreds of thousands” of individuals crossing into the United States every month, a flow that he claims is not only supported by President Biden but also done so intentionally.

Good’s concern was not limited to the numbers; he delved into the implications of such a vast movement of people into the country, emphasizing the challenges of assimilating these individuals into American society. Moreover, he underscored the potential dangers inherent in this influx, pointing to the presence of individuals with nefarious backgrounds. According to Good, among the masses are those with connections to terrorism, organized crime, drug cartels, and networks of human trafficking. He suggests that these elements are slipping through alongside everyday migrants and that their presence on American soil could inflict irreparable harm upon the nation’s communities and its collective security.

Good continued to build on his argument by questioning the long-term consequences of the administration’s border policy. He inquired rhetorically about the number of “terribly dangerous individuals” that may have already entered the U.S. due to what he perceives as lax border control. In Good’s view, the situation at the border is not just a policy failure but a direct threat to the safety and security of American citizens, raising the stakes of the immigration debate to the level of national emergency.

This interview highlights Representative Good’s stark disapproval of the Biden administration’s approach to immigration and border security, encapsulating his fears for the future of the country if these policies remain unchanged.