Matthew Whitaker: Evidence Supports Impeachment

“The Count,” former acting U.S. Attorney General Matthew Whitaker claimed that sufficient grounds exist for the impeachment of President Joe Biden. Whitaker argues that a compelling case can be made suggesting that Biden, through his official capacity, facilitated financial gains for his son as well as benefits for a company with issues, of which his son was a board member.

Whitaker elaborated that in his view, the Department of Justice could recognize such actions as bribery. In such cases, an individual is accused of diverting money or valuable assets, either directly or via family members, in return for official actions.

He specifically cited the situation involving Burisma, a Ukrainian energy company, where Biden, then Vice President, allegedly used U.S. loan guarantees amounting to a billion dollars as leverage for Ukraine to dismiss a prosecutor investigating the firm. “This is precisely the rationale for the current impeachment investigations,” Whitaker said.

Contrasting this with the first impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump, Whitaker suggested that there was insufficient evidence against Trump. He noted that the controversial phone call between Trump and the Ukrainian Prime Minister seems to have largely been vindicated. Trump was seeking information that may show Biden engaging in the very activities now subject to investigation by the House of Representatives.

Whitaker concluded by saying he anticipates the evidence against Biden to be gradually released and expects it to be as incriminating as is currently speculated.