Johnson Reveals The US Needs This

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., expressed to Newsmax on Tuesday that America must reconsider its “approach to mental health,” especially in light of the tragic mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, which claimed 18 lives recently.

“We have to revamp our mental health strategies, and scrutinize the medications being administered in these circumstances,” Johnson remarked on Newsmax’s “The Chris Salcedo Show.” He voiced concerns about the possible influence of drugs on mental health in today’s society.

Johnson’s comments appeared to allude to reports suggesting that the accused Maine shooter, Robert Card, 40, had grappled with mental health issues before the unfortunate event.

Mike Sauschuck, Maine’s Public Safety Commissioner, revealed over the weekend that the incident was intertwined with “a mental health factor.” There were indications that Card had been battling paranoia and felt that “others were discussing him.”

A skilled firearms trainer stationed at the U.S. Army Reserve center in Saco, Maine, Card had allegedly previously expressed intentions to attack the National Guard base. Reports also claim he was “admitted to a mental health institution for a fortnight in summer 2023 before being released.”

When questioned about whether citizens should arm themselves in anticipation of potential future mass shootings, Johnson responded, “From the feedback I receive, it seems Americans are gearing up.”

He added, “People are purchasing firearms and ammunition. Although this shooter is no longer alive, seemingly having taken his own life, discussions around such incidents diminish when they don’t align with popular media narratives.”

He further elaborated, “This isn’t about racial extremism. This is evidence of the inefficacy of current gun control measures. Hence, many will choose to overlook it, similar to other mass shootings that don’t reinforce calls for heightened gun control. With around 10,000 gun control regulations in place, their effectiveness is questionable. We don’t require additional ones.”