Trump Earns Voter Trust on Economy in the Latest Bloomberg Poll

In recent economic trustworthiness polls, swing-state voters indicate a preference for former President Donald Trump over the incumbent, President Joe Biden.

Released on Thursday, the survey by Bloomberg/Morning Consult showed Trump, who is seen as the leading contender for the GOP’s 2024 presidential candidate, surpassing Biden with a score of 47% to 43% in states including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Regarding Biden’s economic strategies, often referred to as “Bidenomics”, 49% of these swing-state voters believe it has a detrimental effect on the economy. This contrasts with the 26% who feel it’s beneficial. A segment of 10% felt it didn’t influence the economy, while 15% were undecided or had no stance.

Interestingly, only 56% of swing-state voters favoring Biden’s second-term bid believe his economic direction benefits the nation. Contrastingly, among Trump’s advocates, 86% view Bidenomics negatively.

For the undecided voter category, a mere 2% think Biden’s economic direction is favorable for the country. In contrast, 46% consider it adverse. Importantly, 41% of this group either aren’t certain about the impact of Bidenomics or remained neutral.

In a broader economic context, Biden lags Trump by 14 percentage points among the polled swing-state voters: 35% favor the current president, whereas 49% lean towards the former. This trend is consistent across various economic facets.

Only one-third of the polled swing-state voters express confidence in Biden’s management of daily expenses, with 46% leaning more towards Trump. However, Biden receives relatively better scores in the jobs and unemployment sectors at 38%, yet still trails behind Trump’s 45%.

When The Hill reached out to Biden’s reelection team regarding the poll, they seemed unconcerned. Kevin Munoz, representing the Biden campaign, mentioned, “Historical predictions can change dramatically within a year. Case in point: last year, Bloomberg’s own forecast predicted a definite recession. Yet, they recently acknowledged the U.S. economy’s robustness. They also had a pessimistic view before the 2022 midterms concerning President Biden.”

Munoz added, “Having achieved significant milestones in the previous midterms, President Biden’s team is actively engaging with our strong voter base, focusing on a resonating agenda. Our strategy for victory in 2024 is about diligent efforts, not stressing over one survey.”

This study, conducted from Oct. 5-10, gathered responses from 5,023 voters from the mentioned swing states and has a 1% margin of error.