Bidens May Be Talking Political Future in Tahoe

While President Joe Biden enjoyed some downtime in Lake Tahoe, former Representative Doug Collins from Georgia shared with Newsmax on Friday that he believes the president’s political journey could be a topic of discussion within the Biden family.

Reports indicate that Biden has taken vacations covering nearly 40% of his presidential tenure. This recent Lake Tahoe trip is the second such retreat for the month.

Collins remarked on “American Agenda,” “While it’s essential for presidents to take breaks occasionally, Joe Biden seems to be overindulging in vacations. Considering his current polling, the state of affairs, and his noticeable demeanor recently, I suspect there are political discussions about the road ahead.”

Additionally, Collins commented on the political implications surrounding Hunter Biden’s legal uncertainties and its potential impact on the president. “It feels like many of these important conversations are happening outside of the White House.”

Despite residing in an opulent $18 million Lake Tahoe property owned by Democratic billionaire and environmental advocate Tom Steyer, Biden hasn’t maintained visitor logs for his getaways. The White House clarified to Fox News Digital that visitor logs aren’t kept at family residences or accommodations during travels, a policy that was also in place during the Obama era.

Collins, with a hint of sarcasm, said, “The transparency, or lack thereof, is truly astounding. It’s noteworthy how Biden’s interactions with the media have been minimal and, when they occur, not particularly smooth.”