Biden Walks Off During Live TV Interview

During a live television interview on Thursday, President Joe Biden exited the set before the segment concluded, causing a stir among viewers.

In the course of his appearance on MSNBC, the octogenarian President got up from his seat, exchanged handshakes with presenter Nicolle Wallace, and made his exit.

“Stay tuned,” Wallace urged her audience as Biden crossed behind her on his way out.

It’s highly unusual for guests to depart from a cable news set prior to the show proceeding to a commercial intermission.

Footage of Biden’s hasty exit quickly spread across the internet.

“Wow, Joe Biden seems really disoriented,” media and political advisor Jim Pfaff tweeted in response.

“Why is Joe Biden leaving? This is a live TV show!” tweeted Steve Guest, an ex-staffer at the Republican National Committee.

Former Republican Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker shared the video with the comment, “The Biden presidency encapsulated in one clip.”

Several viewers speculated that the oldest president in U.S. history had urgent matters to attend to.

“Bathroom break? Biden rises from his seat ahead of the ad break and awkwardly departs the set,” tweeted Nicholas Fondacaro, associate editor at the Media Research Center.

Users on Truth Social also chimed in on the incident.

“President Joe Biden isn’t a fan of yours either, Nicolle Wallace,” Shauna33R wrote.

“Could it be that he was eager for the promised dessert post-interview?” user Houser asked, alongside a link to the article covering the event.

On Thursday, Biden was in New York City to generate funds for his presidential campaign, making a stop at the MSNBC studio at Rockefeller Center.

In his interview, he addressed the Supreme Court’s recent verdict against affirmative action in higher education admissions decisions, contending that “a large number of Americans disagree with many of the court’s rulings.”

Biden, however, refrained from endorsing Democrats’ suggestions to balance the court with liberal judges.

“I believe it’s ill-advised,” Biden remarked during the 20-minute interview. “Commencing a process to enlarge the court could risk politicizing it indefinitely, a scenario that would be detrimental.”