Whitaker: Watching Courts on Inquiry Subpoenas

The House has commenced an impeachment investigation and is preparing to issue numerous subpoenas, a development keenly observed by many, including former interim attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, who spoke about it last Sunday.

“The forthcoming steps involve gathering substantial evidence to determine the feasibility of initiating impeachment articles against Joe Biden,” Whitaker noted on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America”. “What stands out presently is the surge in subpoenas that will be dispatched by the House, bearing the significant imprint of an impeachment investigation.”

Entities such as the Department of Justice and various banks are poised to be at the epicenter of this probe, making the judiciary’s reaction pivotal, Whitaker emphasized.

“Historically, the judiciary has endowed such subpoenas with heightened execution authority,” Whitaker pointed out. “It’s crucial to note that the DOJ has the jurisdiction to indict individuals for contempt if the House identifies them for defying the subpoenas,” he further stated.

Concurrently, the White House spokesperson, Karine Jean-Pierre, recently dismissed the impeachment investigation as “unfounded,” a perspective that Whitaker attributes to her lack of awareness of past events.

“Perhaps her judgment is clouded due to her absence during the 2016 period,” he mentioned. “However, the proof remains unequivocal, highlighting that Hunter Biden maintained a position on the board of Burisma, receiving a yearly remuneration of one million dollars.

“The company faced difficulties with Viktor Shokin, the then Ukrainian prosecutor delving into Burisma’s affairs, which led to Joe Biden exerting influence during his visit to Ukraine, utilizing a billion-dollar US loan guarantee as leverage to facilitate the dismissal of the aforementioned investigator. This situation, in my view, establishes a clear-cut case.”