Trump’s Announcement Protects US Against This Threat

Former President Donald Trump has declared his commitment to bolstering the United States’ defenses by promising to “establish a cutting-edge missile defense system” amidst concerns over President Joe Biden’s perceived vulnerabilities on the international front.

This pledge was met with enthusiastic applause during his address at the Florida Republican Party’s Freedom Summit, held just outside Orlando, Florida, on a recent Saturday evening.

“In our efforts to defend American citizens from external dangers, I plan to establish an ultramodern missile defense shield,” Trump proclaimed to the attendees. “We are committed to constructing this essential defense mechanism. It’s a necessity for our protection.”

Trump’s proposed defense shield is an extension of former President Ronald Reagan’s strategic space defense initiative, boasting more sophistication than the renowned Iron Dome missile defense utilized by Israel.

“Ronald Reagan had this vision, yet the technology of that era was not sufficient,” Trump remarked. “The idea was sound, and today, our technology is unbelievably advanced. We possess the capability to intercept even the smallest of objects mid-air; it’s quite remarkable.”

Trump also touted this prospective modern defense program as a boon for the American job market, emphasizing that it would be an all-American endeavor.

“This program will create jobs right here in America,” Trump asserted. “It will be manufactured on American soil. We pioneered this technology, and contrary to what some may claim, it was exclusively developed by us. And indeed, it’s operational; as you’ve likely witnessed, it’s effective.”