Trump Vows ’25 Retaliation After Biden Broke ‘Seal’

Former President Donald Trump warned about the repercussions of targeting a political rival from a presidential standpoint, stating he’s now prepared to respond in kind.

With the “precedent” set for going after your political competition during a presidential tenure, Trump vowed on Monday that he will retaliate as he prepares for an unparalleled court hearing in Miami on Tuesday, which arises from an unprecedented federal indictment against a former U.S. leader.

Trump asserted on Truth Social, “Now that the ‘precedent’ is established, in tandem with securing the border and ousting all ‘criminal’ entities who have unlawfully infiltrated our nation, restoring America’s energy independence, and dominance, and promptly ending the Russia-Ukraine conflict, I will designate a genuine ‘prosecutor’ to prosecute the most dishonest president in the history of the USA, Joe Biden, the entire Biden criminal empire, and everyone else who played a role in the devastation of our elections, boundaries, and nation!”

Supporters of Trump have been applauding his administration for not stooping to the level of prosecuting political adversaries, despite suggestions otherwise involving former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and then-2020 presidential candidate Biden.

Allegations of bribery involving Ukraine were discovered by Trump’s former personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, at a time when House Democrats were pursuing numerous impeachment measures against then-President Trump.

Giuliani dismissed the assertions of special counsel Jack Smith during a brief and hurried press briefing on Friday, where he announced the unprecedented indictment of a former president. He stated that “there’s one legal system” that “applies equally to all.”

“Indeed, that’s the most absurd, foolish remark to make on a day when we learn that the Bidens accepted a $10 million bribe from Ukrainian Mykola Zlochevsky, which I could have informed you about, and indeed did inform [the DOJ] three years ago,” Giuliani conveyed to Newsmax’s “Saturday Report.”

“And they didn’t pursue any of the evidence I presented to them. They were hoping people would vanish or pass away. It’s remarkable.”

Giuliani noted that the attorney general in Pittsburgh was investigating the case until it was seized by then-Attorney General Bill Barr, who handed it to the “U.S. attorney in Delaware, who took no action on it.”