Supporters Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to Donald Trump During Post-Indictment Speech 

In his first public address in Bedminster, New Jersey, following his federal court appearance in Miami, Florida on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump was serenaded with a “Happy Birthday” chorus by his supporters. The court appearance was in relation to a 37-count indictment concerning his management of White House documentation.

Trump, who is celebrating his 77th birthday on Wednesday, made a brief reference to his forthcoming birthday during his address. The crowd responded by breaking out into a rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song upon his mention.

“It’s a delightful birthday, indeed. They were wishing me, ‘Happy Birthday.’ I was with Eric and Laura, the children saying, ‘Happy Birthday, Grandpa,’ and I responded, ‘How splendid,'” Trump recalled. “I was just arraigned for — they’re seeking about 400 years in total. If you tally them up – it’s all a fabrication – 400 years. ‘Oh, how kind of you, darling. That’s very sweet.’”

After the court session on Tuesday, Trump made an unplanned visit to the well-known Café Versailles in Miami, where his Cuban American supporters also extended their “Happy Birthday” wishes through song.