Rep. Mace Unsure How She’d Vote on McCarthy Ouster

On Monday, Rep. Nancy Mace from South Carolina expressed uncertainty regarding her stance if a motion to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from California is proposed later in the week.

Her fellow Republican, Matt Gaetz of Florida, has stated his intent to present this motion, although he’s hinted at this move in the past.

While speaking on “The View” on Monday, Mace revealed that her issues with McCarthy stem from unique grounds. 

“I’m still weighing my decision,” Mace commented regarding her potential vote.

“I can understand Matt Gaetz’s sense of disappointment,” she continued. “However, my discontent originates from a different angle. Promises were made to me by the Speaker, which haven’t been fulfilled. I’ve always been an advocate for women’s rights, even before the debate around Roe v. Wade. I’ve actively engaged in discussions and commitments regarding women’s matters, gun control, and fiscal responsibility. But those commitments haven’t been honored.”

“I share the frustration, but my reasons vary greatly,” she emphasized.

The current situation sees Gaetz challenging McCarthy primarily due to a stopgap bill that McCarthy advanced in the House recently with Democratic support. Gaetz firmly opposes such temporary measures, and his discontent intensified as the recent bill did not cut expenditures and failed to incorporate policy measures for border security.

However, some House Republicans, including McCarthy himself, believe that Gaetz’s actions are driven by personal vendetta rather than policy disagreements. Gaetz refuted this on Sunday.

Amidst these tensions, McCarthy has claimed he’s taking a mature approach to prevent a federal shutdown, a goal he achieved. He also encouraged Gaetz to proceed with his motion during a recent Sunday talk show.

Mace, however, expressed skepticism about any action against McCarthy being successful.

“My estimate is that a handful of Republicans might back the motion. It remains uncertain how things will unfold, but I believe McCarthy will secure the votes, especially with Democratic backing,” Mace shared on the show.

She further added, “While several individuals might step into his role, I don’t foresee that happening. I believe he’ll retain his position with the support of the Democrats.”