Media Lax on Biden Bribery Claims

Former ambassador and ex-acting Director of National Intelligence, Ric Grenell, said on Newsmax Friday that without mainstream media’s balanced reporting and scrutiny, President Joe Biden won’t face the repercussions for an alleged bribery scheme involving a foreign entity.

Grenell stated on Newsmax’s “John Bachman Now” that the established media in Washington, D.C., has wholly shielded Biden. “What’s causing the delay? People are growing impatient,” he stated.

This week, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, revealed that an FD-1023 FBI document requested by Congress, detailing a purported multimillion-dollar bribery involving Biden, his son Hunter, and a foreign party, discloses 17 audio recordings that corroborate the scheme.

Grenell complained that the media have not been probing these issues adequately. “This lack of resistance is why the Biden administration continues to evade all this corruption, continues to ignore what the American people demand and anticipate,” he declared.

While some journalists are beginning to challenge the White House, Grenell mentioned that Biden simply dismisses these pressures and denies the accusations.

Earlier this week, Grenell attended a fundraiser at former President Donald Trump’s residence in Bedminster, New Jersey, after Trump’s arraignment in Miami. He informed Newsmax that the event had to be expanded to an outdoor area to meet fire safety regulations due to its popularity.

Following the announcement of the indictment, Grenell said, “More individuals are coming forward to endorse and donate. The financial support and backing is staggering.”

According to Grenell, Trump’s approval ratings are soaring, while those of Florida’s GOP Governor Ron DeSantis are dwindling.

“People had high hopes that DeSantis could rival President Trump,” Grenell mentioned.

Grenell also shared that many perceive Trump’s indictments as overstated, strengthening Trump’s position because people discern this as merely political maneuvers.

On Friday, Grenell spoke about Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s impending visit to China, claiming that declassification of information on the origin of COVID-19 is imminent, according to his intelligence community contacts.

Grenell criticized this move as a feeble attempt by Blinken to present a tangible result from his visit to China, saying, “It’s a sign of weakness.”

Furthermore, he referenced Blinken’s meeting with the Chinese in Alaska, where a Chinese delegate reprimanded the United States for its racial controversies related to the Black Lives Matter movement.