Maine Mass Shooter On The Loose – Police On Hunt

A tragic incident occurred in Lewiston, Maine, when a man unleashed gunfire in a restaurant and bowling center, resulting in at least 16 fatalities. The incident sent shockwaves throughout nearby communities, with many locking themselves indoors as law enforcement agencies conducted a wide-scale search.

The authorities have named Robert Card, a 40-year-old believed to have ties with the Army Reserve, as the prime suspect. Some reports suggest that Card, who reportedly had a brief stint at a mental health facility in 2023, had previously mentioned “hearing voices.” Contact details for Card found in public databases currently remain inactive.

In an earlier announcement, Lewiston Police described the situation at Schemengees Bar and Grille and Sparetime Recreation, a nearby bowling venue. Disturbingly, a children’s bowling event was underway at the time of the attack. One of the young attendees, Zoey Levesque, recounted her harrowing experience of being injured during the shooting.

Another eyewitness, Brandon, recalled the horrifying moments, initially mistaking the gunshots for something less sinister. In his panic, he hid in the bowling machinery for hours, waiting for rescue.

The venue, known for both traditional and candlepin bowling, is a popular spot for locals. Melinda Small, who owns a nearby sports bar, expressed her shock and relief that her establishment was safe, even as her heart went out to the community.

The aftermath of the incident saw a heightened police presence and the city plunged into an unsettling calm. Precautionary measures led to schools in areas even 50 miles away from the incident closing their doors. Images of the suspected perpetrator were circulated on social media platforms by the local sheriff’s office.

Despite the clarity of the number of victims, officials refrained from confirming the count, describing the situation as evolving. According to a collaborated database, this is the 36th such incident in the U.S. this year, with dozens injured.

Local hospitals, including the Central Maine Medical Center, were on high alert, preparing to treat the injured, with support from facilities in Portland.

The incident has rocked Lewiston, known for its substantial Somali community, transforming it into one of Maine’s most diverse cities. Authorities expanded the shelter-in-place advisory to several nearby regions after discovering a vehicle that piqued their interest.

Statements from both Governor Janet Mills and President Joe Biden reflected the nation’s shock. The event’s scale is particularly startling for Maine, which recorded 29 homicides in the entirety of 2022.

Maine’s gun regulations, or lack thereof, have been a topic of debate. The state, which does not mandate permits for firearm possession, has a deep-rooted gun culture linked to hunting and recreational shooting. Despite attempts, efforts to tighten gun control have faced setbacks in recent times.