Biden Excluded From This State’s Ballot

President Joe Biden’s absence from the New Hampshire Democratic primary ballot has been confirmed by his reelection campaign due to the state’s refusal to comply with new Democratic Party regulations. The regulations stipulate that South Carolina must host its primary contest ahead of New Hampshire, a move that the state did not adhere to.

The Democratic Party made a significant shift by attempting to replace Iowa and New Hampshire, traditionally the first two states to hold election nominating contests, with South Carolina. This strategic shift was aimed at increasing the influence of more diverse states in the nomination process.

Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden’s campaign chair, conveyed this decision in a letter addressed to Ray Buckley, the Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. The letter stated that Biden would not be submitting a declaration of candidacy for the New Hampshire primary ballot, and the deadline for doing so had passed on Friday.

Chavez Rodriguez also expressed Biden’s anticipation of having his name featured on New Hampshire’s general election ballot come November 5, 2024, contingent on his securing the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination at the Democratic National Convention scheduled for the following August in Chicago.

Notably, Biden, who is 80 years old, has encountered minimal opposition in his pursuit of becoming the party’s official nominee. Despite his absence from the New Hampshire primary, there is confidence within the party regarding his chances. Ray Buckley, responding to Rodriguez’s letter, confidently stated, “The reality is that Joe Biden will win the New Hampshire first-in-the-nation primary in January, secure renomination in Chicago, and will be re-elected next November.”